Problem getting bitmap fonts into the image

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at
Tue Jan 29 19:28:40 UTC 2008


> I'm using fonts named proggyfonts[1] for my terminals, emacs and other
> places where I need fixed-width fonts. And I would like to use them in
> squeak too. I just can't seem to manage it.
> I installed a pcf -> bdf converter, but the resulting bdf file didn't
> want to be read by the BDFFontReader.

  What was the pcf to bdf converter?  Was it pcf2bdf?  I can try

> I tried most stuff that is in the wiki about bdf fonts, but the data
> seems to be from around 2000 and maybe aren't applicable any longer.

  It was written by a person who didn't know about Smalltalk much back
then (the person may not know well still), but it should work.

> For testing and sanity check (I'm sitting at the problem for over an
> hour now., I tried to use the helvica fonts that were used in the class
> comment of BDFFontReader (they were dated from 1990, so they would've
> been the ones the author used, I guess.) and they didn't convert
> either.

  Hmm, that is interesting.  It is broken somehow.  What Squeak
release are you using?

> Any help appreciated and thanks in advance.
> If TTF is a must, is there maybe a way to get bitmap fonts into that
> format without ending looking bah? :-)

  It shouldn't be a must.

  BTW, for a fixed-width font, we have Atlanta font in some images.

-- Yoshiki

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