Problem getting bitmap fonts into the image

danil osipchuk danil.osipchuk at
Tue Jan 29 19:37:53 UTC 2008

Last time I used BDFFontReader (it was a long time ago) in conjunction with
pcf2bdf tool I had to change BDFFontReader>>#getLine to:

    | line |
    [line isEmptyOrNil] whileTrue: [line _ self upTo: Character cr].

because generated bdf files had empy strings in unexpected (to
BDFFontReader) places.
Hope this helps

2008/1/29, Yoshiki Ohshima <yoshiki at>:
>   Hello,
> > I'm using fonts named proggyfonts[1] for my terminals, emacs and other
> > places where I need fixed-width fonts. And I would like to use them in
> > squeak too. I just can't seem to manage it.
> >
> > I installed a pcf -> bdf converter, but the resulting bdf file didn't
> > want to be read by the BDFFontReader.
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