[3.10] TaskList shortcut keys

Gary Chambers gazzaguru2 at btinternet.com
Tue Jan 29 20:57:52 UTC 2008

Looks like that isn't the only part of that method (even when "standard")
that could break.
I'll have a go at protecting the relevant parts.


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2008/1/28, Gary Chambers <gazzaguru2 at btinternet.com>:
The latest (Pinesoft-Widgets-gvc.284 from SqueakSource) version now includes
a preference for this behviour. Awaiting feedback before updating the
package Universe to this version.

This is not strictly  related to TaskList and also is not filled into
bugtrack database, but if you are going to do an update... Could you please
look at the ParagraphEditor>>#dispatchOnCharacter:with: ? It stumbles upon
non-ascii input (i.e. unicode) at the following snippet, which I think was
your addition:

    "allow cut/copy/paste/selectAll regardless of cmdKeysInText preference.
    Useful when running a deployed/locked-down image (after
        ((#(cut: copySelection: paste: selectAll:) includes: (CmdActions at:
char asciiValue + 1 ))
            and: [sensor commandKeyPressed])
            [^self perform: (CmdActions at: char asciiValue + 1) with:

CmdActions and ShiftCmdActions happened to be mapping arrays with size of
256 (which is not teh case anymore as squeak becomes multilingual now) Of
course there are many ways to fix it (I just put a 'ifAbsent: [#noop]' hack
into it) - I wonder why they are not dictionaries? That would me much
cleaner. Was it a performance concern? - who knows now :)

Regards, Gary.

Thank you for great iu enchancements!


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> Hi,
> I'm using Damien's nice sq3.10-7159dev08.01.1 image.
> To navigate from a task to another I found the shortcut keys: CMD
> +leftArrow or rightArrow.
> The problem is that it keeps switching from a task to the other if I
> keep the arrow key down.
> Relasing the arrow key makes the task list disappear.
> Is there some shortcut key to keep the TaskList displayed without
> switching between tasks ?
> Thanks,
> Noury
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