Problems in Squeak 3.9

Bert Freudenberg bert at
Wed Jan 30 09:06:13 UTC 2008

On Jan 30, 2008, at 6:27 , squeak-dev.5.pris at wrote:

> Squeak 3.9
> latest update #7068
> I'm running this on Ubuntu Linux.
> 1) First a problem with the Squeak GUI.
> This happens if you pressed caps-lock without noticing. To replicate
> the problem, open a browser and make a change in the workspace. Now
> press Caps-lock. Then try to close the browser window and you can't!
> When this happened to me I wasn't aware of the caps-lock and ended up
> shutting down Squeak the hard way. Try it out to see what I mean.

This is a long-standing problem with the Unix VM. Patches welcome. Or  
get rid of the stupid CapsLock key like OLPC did ;)

> 2) A bug with SketchMorph
> 3) Bug with SketchMorph.

Bugs can be reported at (and fixes attached,  

> 4) Bug with Morph class. The message wantsHaloFromClick always answers
> true. It should be possible to turn this off, I don't want halos from
> submorphs.

We recently changed that for Etoys:

> 5) Question: In the GUI editor wow do I change instance messages into
> class messages? The only way I know is copying by hand then deleting
> the old one.

Open two browsers, one on the instance side, one on the class side.  
Select your method, then drag it into the protocol in the other browser.

> 6) What would be the best way to accomplish the following: I have a
> morph and in it I want to have a canvas where I can draw, fill
> rectangles and also write text in various positions.

Embed a plain Morph, some RectangleMorphs, and some TextMorphs in  
your morph.

> How do I best embed a Canvas into a Morph?

A Canvas in Morphic is not a morph, but one is created for you on the  
fly and passed into #drawOn:. Simply make a new Morph class  
implementing #drawOn: for your custom drawing.

- Bert -

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