lessphic? may be a future for morphic

Michael van der Gulik mikevdg at gmail.com
Wed Jan 30 20:39:01 UTC 2008

On Jan 31, 2008 12:04 AM, Juan Vuletich <juan at jvuletich.org> wrote:

> Hi Gulik,
> Morphic 3 supports arbitrary non-linear coordinate systems. I don't
> understand how you envision rendering over those targets. Morphic 3 has
> a rendering engine that renders on Squeak Display, as current Morphic's
> canvases with Balloon 2D and BitBlt.
> Please read my documents, and let's talk about coordinate systems!
> Currently I have implemented Cartesian, LogX and a few cartographic.
> Watch the demo at Smalltalks 2007 at
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90TGhRZUSOo . It is worth watching even
> if you don't understand my Spanish.

Could you give a few examples of where the arbitrary coordinate systems
would actually be useful? This is the part I'm confused about - you're
focussing on them a lot, but I don't see why.

I would have thought it would be up to the application to provide the
logorithmic coordinate mappings rather than the GUI.


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