Open meeting regarding the Squeak Release Team

Matthew Fulmer tapplek at
Thu Jan 31 04:39:20 UTC 2008

Edgar J. De Cleene, Keith Hodges, and I are going to hold a
meeting on Skype this Saturday at 1600 UTC. We want to discuss
what the next release process should look like, and would
welcome input, especially if you are willing to help or have a
tool that could help us with the release effort. On the agenda

The main agenda items are:
- How to maintain communication within the release team, and
  with the wider community
- Keith's Level Playing Field
- Pavel's Kernel Image / Minimal Morphic
- What to do about the update stream and the MC packages that
  3.9 and 3.10 releases produced

Secondary agenda items are:
- Monticello 2 status
- DeltaStreams status

We most likely will not discuss specific changes/bug fixes that
would be managed by the release team. The meeting is more an
attempt to get some coherency into the release process, since
there are now a few different directions the release team could
go in. We welcome your input.

I will record and post the meeting discussions

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