Editing class method sources in single place

Jason Johnson jason.johnson.081 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 06:46:29 UTC 2008

On Jan 30, 2008 11:39 PM, Igor Stasenko <siguctua at gmail.com> wrote:
> What benefits i see, comparing to single-method view.
> You can scroll to other method using keys, instead click-click , open
> new browser window and click, totally losing your focus.

That has nothing to do with how many methods are in the text area and
everything to do with the browser implementation.

> You can do a full-text search on listing.

I don't understand this one.  Do you mean constrain searches to less
then "the whole image"?

> With some shortcuts it's easy to make actions like moving caret to
> different method, simply by typing first letters of it's selector.

And why would this be any harder to do in a single method view?  Think
about emacs for example.  As many features as one cares to add and all
accessible without removing your hands from the keyboard.  I can
envision doing a Ctrl+M (m for method) popping up a little text box
where I type in the method I want to zoom to.  And if we could make
the browser project aware it would only search for methods in the
current project.

> - more area for text editing/view. Yes, most of the methods are too
> short, that you can say it's not worth it, but consider when you can
> see multiple methods in single big window,

But why do you want to see multiple methods in a single window?  Do
you want to switch quickly?  There are potentially more efficient ways
then the overly simplified "just stick it all in the same window like
notepad".  Do you want to compare one method with another?  That
sounds like a special feature that should have a special button and
keyboard sequence.  The feature could pop up a special window with the
highlighting optimized for diffing.

>it can be better than using
> multiple browser windows with own set of controls (and which is 99%
> will overlap each other).

I don't understand this complaint.  In current Squeak a code browser
is relatively quick.  When I work I'm constantly popping up new
browsers to check something, leaving them open sometimes to
"bookmark", etc.  In the Java or MS language world you couldn't do
this because those IDE's are too expensive resource-wise (but even in
those environments I find myself opening a second browser on the same
project to temporarily get functionality I have in Squeak out-of-box).

> - edit window splitting , when you need to code something, while
> referring to other methods/sources.

Another feature.  The "window tearing" shown below seemed like a cool
idea.  Especially if we could put these torn off methods onto a
"refrigerator door" morph so we can stick 'em on the door and they are
all grouped as one and can be manipulated as one unit, etc.

> All i seek, is more convenience: less clicking and fuzzy typing, more
> coding and analyzing :)

As is mine.

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