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Thu Jan 31 07:55:06 UTC 2008

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> On Jan 30, 2008 5:00 PM, Tom Phoenix - rootbeer at
>> > what is the easiest way of counting LOC of my project?
>> But even more seriously, what's the point of counting lines of code?
>> If you were painting a portrait, would you count the brushstrokes?
>> Lines of code as a metric correlates poorly with things that actually
>> matter, like code quality and completeness. What are you *really*
>> trying to measure?
> I'm trying to measure my own productivity.
Well how productive is it to remove lines of code? How is that
measured? Not that I'm against it, but it just looks easy on the
surface. You have take into acount
1) written stuff
2) rewriten stuff
3) removed stuff
4) generated stuff
5) addWhatYouLike ;-)

Just a small remark, there do exist books about it from Humpreys what
he named 
the personal software process the title of the book
is a discipline for software engineering. 

It's really tough and chalenging, it covers a lot but still there are
problems, e.g my working styling is that I write a bit then I compile
it (if need should be) corrct typos and then I try to write a test or
step through it. How should I time this, is steppign through code
development time?, maintenance time or really debugging time. It's
IMHO development time, but it's not covered and how am I supposed to
count typos? Humphreys counts every typos as bug and so I would have a
very hight bug count. What is hard is finding out if you SLOC does not
have changed because you have just rewritten a few
things. Unfortunatly up to day I really do not know any good way on
judging about programming, even if code "works" I argue that things
could be "improved" 

However I think for a starting point the posted things will help a
> What's the point of counting transistors in chips?
I think you can not compare it that way, because many LOCS do not
"automatically" mean much functionality. Just imagine how find all the
code generats have to be judged then ;-)

Please don't get me right, I do not say it's worthless, but difficult
and unfortunatly I do not know if this difficult means. You can get
something out of it or not. I think in the end one just can get near
something by statistical means, but well you know the saying about
lies and statistics ;-)


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