Editing class method sources in single place

itsme213 itsme213 at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 31 16:20:03 UTC 2008

"Bert Freudenberg" <bert at freudenbergs.de> wrote
> That is pretty much exactly what the Whisker browser does. It has  been 
> mentioned previously in this thread. Try it.

I did a while ago and had trouble with it, which was one reason I said
  "... There are browser packages around for doing some of these but they
   generally seem to have fallen out of favour."
Just re-tried, still get some DNUs and somewhat strange selection-list 
displays, but it might be a good starting point -- perhaps some pre-defined 
"pluggable" ways to select a set of focus methods, a bit less rigid about 
columns, ...

But could there be meaningful value to considering this across more than one 
browser, not localized to something like Whisker? As Nathaniel Scharli & 
Andrew Black wrote in "A Browser for Incremental Programming", 
http://web.cecs.pdx.edu/~black/presentations/ESUGBrowserTalk.pdf and 
elaborated on in their Model Extensions paper:

  "It is because even good programmers will make
   mistakes unless they have good tools"



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