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Thu Jan 31 16:44:41 UTC 2008

On Jan 30, 2008 8:27 PM,  <squeak-dev.5.pris at> wrote:
> On Jan 30, 2008 5:00 PM, Tom Phoenix - rootbeer at > Lines of
> code as a metric correlates poorly with things that actually
> > matter, like code quality and completeness. What are you *really*
> What do you mean with "completeness"?

"Completeness" means that the code accomplishes everything it sets out
to do. For example, a test suite isn't complete until it tests (at
least) every method in the classes it covers.

There's no one way of measuring programmer productivity, but LoC is an
especially crooked yardstick. Some proponents of test-driven
development suggest you count "number of tests written" and "number of
tests passed". Compared to LoC, those numbers are arguably relevant to
producing good software; so you'll have an excuse if you feel that you
must have something to count.


--Tom Phoenix

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