Editing class method sources in single place

itsme213 itsme213 at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 31 17:00:42 UTC 2008

"Jon Hylands" <jon at huv.com> wrote in message
> However, it turns out there's a better metaphor that people intuitively
> understand - a stack.

A Back-Button on steroids? Would be _very_ useful.

It might be good, though, to treat this as _one_ way to
  "see a set of User-Selectable methods very Conveniently"
to allow combining different orthogonal aspects:

A. different ways to see them Conveniently (and navigate between them)
  - cascading columns/rows
  - split screen/row/column
  - tear-offs
  - tabs
  - back buttons

B. different and easier User-Selectables
  - ways to limit scope: global image, my package, class hierarchy..
  - senders, implementors of a message
    - concrete methods wherever possible e.g. self, super sends
    - lists multi-options otherwise, perhaps showing method bodies
  - all messages sent to an instVar (from a class, or from a method)
  - all calls to self or super (from a class, or from a method)
  - method protocol (manual or dynamic)
  - all not-implemented-like methods
  - user hand-picked set of methods
  - all methods of class (ok, with suitable neolithic icon :-)
  (I am certain we can come up with several useful others)

C. the option to change the view in-place or spawn another window
  - in-place updates that window stack / Back button
  - spawn 1 other window for the new (multiple method) view
  - spawning <N> other windows, one for each method
      - would be the N-Browser approach

- Sophie 

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