Editing class method sources in single place

itsme213 itsme213 at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 31 18:28:06 UTC 2008

"Colin Putney" <cputney at wiresong.ca> wrote

>> Absolutely, thank you. Even better would be to have all the torn-off 
>> bits
>> available in one "working context" (such as a window) that you can 
>> minimize,
>> maximize, close, etc. as one unit. Traditional file-based split editor
>> windows are not the only alternative to N open browsers.
> It sounds to me like you're talking about being able to drag and drop 
> from one browser to another. Is that right?

Not quite, just an actual grouped "working context" I can manipulate (e.g. a 
window) that treats as a group all the snippets/slices I want present for my 
current task.

Perhaps drag and drop across browsers might be one way to do this, if the 
"group" is realized by multiple top-level browser windows (non-ideal imho). 
Better if smaller browser windows (such as the "tear-offs" or split 
panels/columns/rows) are contained within a "working context" window.

- Sophie 

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