[squeak-dev] Monticello doesn't create new packages

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Mon Jun 2 08:38:13 UTC 2008

On 02.06.2008, at 10:32, Herbert König wrote:

> Hello,
> BF>> Well, do you actually have a class category exactly named "hk- 
> zzz"? Or
> BF>> "zzhk-aster"?
> HK> yes I have.
> to be more precise with hk-aster I have categories "hk-aster game"
> "hk-aster moving objects" and so on.

A-ha! You would need to call your MC package 'hk-aster game' then. The  
default PI implementation does not do substring matching, but breaks  
at hyphens ("-").

Simplest would be renaming your categories "hk-aster-game" and "hk- 
aster-moving objects".

Or implement a custom PackageInfo class - package names and class  
categories do not necessarily need to match, that is just the default.

To see how classes are found, debug this:

	(PackageInfo named: 'hk-aster') classes

Have fun,

- Bert -

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