[squeak-dev] Re: Two methods sharing source code?

Bernd Elkemann elkemann at web.de
Tue Jun 3 19:33:48 UTC 2008

There are many ways in squeak to have code in 1 place but use it from 
many. Of course the most standard way is always a shared superclass; if 
that is not possible then there are many other ways...

Adrian Kuhn wrote:
> It is as simple as (iff you ignore tool support)
> 	A compile: 'foo ^ 42'.
> 	m := A methodDict at: #foo.
> 	B methodDict at: #bar putNoBecome: m.
> 	B new bar. "=> 42"

Yep this is fun, and you dont need to learn (proper) Traits.
compare Behavior:#addSelectorSilently:withMethod:
Make sure everything is still working. In fact SystemBrowser will not 
show that B has an instancemethod #bar, you have to register the 
selector for it to notice, something like that. And code-repositories 
and fileouts/changes might not notice anything, so consider it a hack.
You might think that the method is hidden from the squeak user then but 
"B selectors" will return an array of selectors including #bar.
Its also fun: B methodDict: A methodDict   :-)

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