[squeak-dev] Poor Squeak performance on Vista

Maurice Rabb m3rabb at uiuc.edu
Tue Jun 3 21:19:32 UTC 2008


One of our students is having trouble with very poor Squeak  
performance on Vista.  I was hoping that someone with Windows  
experience could help diagnose his problem.

Philip writes:

"Is anyone else having problems with Squeak being incredibly slow to  
respond? It was fine the past couple of days, but it just started  
happening to me tonight. I have reset Squeak, and my system. I have  
also downloaded new images. Nothing seems to help. Also, my HD light  
isn't on, nor is my comp processor utilization being eaten up. Any  


"I have closed most of the [Squeak] windows and that doesn't help."
"I tried the roundedWindowCorners preference and the  
higherPerformance preference, and I changed the VM system  
configuration to disable "Reduce CPU usage". None of this helps.
I am not doing any memory or internet intensive things. There is  
sometimes up to a 10 second delay between me clicking, and the World  
menu showing up.
I am using VM Version 3.10.6 and Squeak system version 3.9.1. I have  
Windows Vista (unfortunately).
I checked the Process Browser and idle process definitely is the max  
value averaging around 90% and the rest of the percentage going to  
the GUI and the auto-update.
Any other thoughts?


Thank you,


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