[squeak-dev] Squeak Leadership meeting 21st May 2008

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Wed Jun 4 18:49:07 UTC 2008

On 4-Jun-08, at 10:36 AM, Ken Causey wrote:

> On Tue, 2008-05-27 at 17:11 -0700, tim Rowledge wrote:
>> The Naming of Parts[1]
>> Since we are joining the Software Freedom Conservancy[2] we need to
>> abide by a number of rules and one of those is that they don't feel
>> happy with us referring to a 'Squeak Foundation' or 'the Squeak
>> Board'. They have asked us to use a name such as 'the Squeak
>> Leadership' and so we will be trying to use that in future
>> communications and on the relevant webpages.
> In case it was not clear from the queries about whether this was a  
> late
> April Fool's joke, I suggest you try again with another name.  I find
> this one to be awkward and I'm assuming others do as well.

I'm not too keen on it myself but since we're trying to take advantage  
of the SFLC we have to live with their rules and concerns.

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