[squeak-dev] [ANN] Euro 2008 Betting! 24 hours left!

Göran Krampe goran at krampe.se
Fri Jun 6 16:06:24 UTC 2008

Hi folks!

(This is a reminder - perhaps folks missed my previous post so this time I
added "[ANN]" - almost noone from the Squeak community have joined up and
previous years quite a lot of people did.)

2 years has passed and it is time to go crazy over soccer again! The
european championship is about to start in exactly 24 hours and the little
betting site I built 6 years ago (in Squeak3.9/HttpView2) is once again up
and running!

So drop by, place the bets and join up to see how it goes. No official
prizes :) are set - but who knows. IMPORTANT: You got 24 hours to bet
until the group play betting game closes! There are two other betting
games though that are continuous so you can join later.


regards, Göran

PS. Will post a followup later on describing how we used the translation
mechanism in Squeak to make the site in both english and swedish.

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