[squeak-dev] Etoys workshop in London: want to help?

Luke Gorrie lukego at gmail.com
Fri Jun 13 16:50:40 UTC 2008


Any Squeakers in London who want to help run a small "introduction to Etoys"
workshop in a couple of weeks? Me and Christophe Rhodes are doing one at
Goldsmiths College on the afternoon of Thursday June 26th. We'll do a simple
"drive a car"-based tutorial and the attendees will mostly be faculty who
might like to incorporate Etoys into their intro-to-programming courses.
This is a rendition of workshops we've done in Kathmandu earlier and they're
a lot of fun. It'd be handy to have one or two more people wandering around
helping people when they get stuck or a debugger window pops up, etc. Let me
know if you're interested!

We may not have many spare seats on this occasion so I'm only inviting

I'd also quite like to borrow an XO in London over 25th-26th so let me know
if you have a spare one. :-)

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