[squeak-dev] Removing ScriptLoader legacy

Adrian Lienhard adi at netstyle.ch
Sat Jun 14 08:09:19 UTC 2008

Hi Norbert

I checked your SLICE-ReleaseTestFixUndeclared-NorbertHartl.1.
Looks good; testUndeclared now runs green.

I agree, ScriptLoader needs some cleanup...


On Jun 13, 2008, at 00:36 , Norbert Hartl wrote:

> Are all updateFromXXXX methods in ScriptLoader supposed to stay
> where they are? Or will they be removed by any major version
> change?
> ScriptLoader seems to collect some cruft. There are things
> referenced that aren't in the image anymore.
> FixVisible
> is referenced in updateFrom7024 but is not in the image. There
> is ReleaseTest which tests if Undeclared is empty. For 3.10 it
> seems that this test has been fixed by manually emptying the
> Undeclared dictionary. If you e.g. file out ScriptLoader and
> file it back in you will see that there are 2 failures running
> the test suite (instead of 1).
> So what is updateFrom7024 useful for if an update to 7025 already
> happened. Shouldn't any further update delete the former one?
> Otherwise many delete operations in updates will lead to cruft,
> won't it?
> Norbert

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