[squeak-dev] Squeakland-Squeak 3.8-05 #556 path-names in squeak.ini on a USB-memory stick

Uwe Hübner uwe4711 at web.de
Sun Jun 15 16:32:38 UTC 2008

Dear Smalltalkers,

I'm currently try to find out how:

1. Start Squealand-Squeak (Plugin-) Image from a USB-drive
under Microsoft Windows (assume Windows has managed to
assign a drive letter to the USB-Stick).
2. Putting path initialization in Squeak.ini with relative paths
to the USB-drive
3. specifying
in Squeak.ini
being able to 'PUBLISH It!' and 'FIND' the projects
without getting an error.

Maybe the Plugin-Image is my problem because the error occured
in 'primCreateDirectory' with 't1' being 'Squeaklets'?
Is there a normal Etoys.image around equivalent to used Plugin?


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