[squeak-dev] Units package

Cesar Rabak cesar.rabak at gmail.com
Thu Jun 19 02:42:27 UTC 2008

I'm doing some test with the Units package and the results are puzzling me:

In a pristine 3.10.2-7179-basic image, I installed Units version 4 via 

I run the UnitsTest via SUnit Runner and all the 8 tests run green. So 
far OK!

Now if I copy to a Workspace from the source of the UnitsTest>>testAdd 
the following snippet:

u :=  (14 units: #feet) + (10 units: #meters).

If I print the whole expression I get '46.8083989501312 feet' as expected:

Now when I attempt to make any other thing with the "u" object, like 
inspecting it, I get a stack, with the Title "Error: My subclass should 
have overriden #hash.

Now, the tests run OK in the SUnit and fail in the Workspace! Even 
attempting to use the object gets the same stack trace...

I probably doing something grossly wrong here as it seems to basic to 
have eluded other users, but I cannot see what it is it!

Can you please advise?

Cesar Rabak
GNU/Linux User 52247.
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