[squeak-dev] VM for Win98? (Image file read problem (0 out of 4 byte read))

Kouji takahashi tako at aquilax.co.jp
Fri Jun 20 00:16:34 UTC 2008


 I downloaded latest Windows VM from www.squeak.org/Download page.

 On Win98 PC, this VM shows Windows dialog 
"Image file read problem (0 out of 4 byte read)"
and abort image loading.

 On WinXP, same VM/image works great (as usual).

 Squeak.exe  1,053KB 2004-09-23 runs stable on Win98.
But it consumes 50% CPU even idling.

 I plan to use Squeak as controller for automated tasks.
So constantly consumes 50% CPU VM is not attractive. :-)

 I'm looking for more CPU gentle VM for Win98 and/or tips.

 Thanks ( in advance ).

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