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Bèrto ëd Sèra berto.d.sera at gmail.com
Fri Jun 20 13:31:38 UTC 2008

hmmmmmm... it looks like the string is okay. It's just stupid me who forgot
that in SmallTalk you write '' twice to escape it. So the problem appears to
be another:
executeQuery: aQuery
    | queryInfo r |
    queryInfo := self class queryInfoFor: aQuery.
    queryInfo isNil
        [JdmErrorTable errorTable throwException: #invalidQuery message:
    (connection requestPacket writeStream)
        (JdmMysqlCommand withCommandNamed: #query message: aQuery);

    r := self createResult: queryInfo.
queryInfo is nil... Most probably this method wasn't written to call stored
procedures. As a quick workaround I'll create a temporay table with two
fields (in & out) and a Before Insert trigger that will execute the
procedure on the input and place the output on the corresponding field of
the same record. So I can insert the command and immediately after that I
can query the last_insert_id to get my result.

But it would be much nicer if I could avoid doubling the number of db
interactions, since this is where most performance gets killed. Can Anyone
tell me how I can contact the author of Mysql-driver? Maybe it's possible to
find something better than my poor hack.


2008/6/20 Bèrto ëd Sèra <berto.d.sera at gmail.com>:

> I' really doing something wrong :) This is what I tried:
> ======================================================
> | connection spec statement resultSet value OWm2command|
> Socket initializeNetwork.
> Transcript open.
> spec :=    (JdmConnectionSpec new initialize
>         user: 'root'; password: 'owm2';
>         host: (NetNameResolver addressForName: 'localhost');
>         database: 'owm2';
>         port: 3306).
> OWm2command := 'OWM2_PARSE(',$' asString,'<?xml version="1.0"
> encoding="UTF-8" ?><OWM2><Query command="list" type="class" id="12" ><Output
> /></Query></OWM2>',$' asString,')'.
> connection := JdmConnection on: spec.
> statement := connection createStatement.
> resultSet := statement executeQuery: OWm2command.
> "print column names"
> Transcript cr; show: (resultSet columns collect: [:col | col name])
> asString.
> [resultSet next]
> whileTrue:
> [
>     value := resultSet valueNamed: 'id_object'. "get column named name"
>     Transcript cr; show: value printString.
> ].
> connection close.
> ============================
> Obviously it could not go to the end, but I was expecting to be able to
> inspect the resultSet and find out how to call the "column" from there.
> Actually this function returns simply an XML string. Yet the point where I'm
> breaking is the query execution itself. It *might* be because the concation
> I tried looks weird. What I see inspecting the values is:
> 'OWM2_PARSE(''<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?><OWM2><Query
> command="list" type="class" id="12" ><Output /></Query></OWM2>'')'
> Now... this will surely break because it was meant to have " only for the
> internal XML parameters...so this way the string cannot be passed. I'm sure
> there's a way, only I cannot find it.
> Bèrto
> 2008/6/20 Bèrto ëd Sèra <berto.d.sera at gmail.com>:
> All seems to work fine, I have but one problem: how do you state a "string
>> in a string"? The query I need to execute inputs an XML command to a stored
>> proc, so it looks like
>> resultSet := statement executeQuery: 'OWM2_PARSE('<?xml version="1.0"
>> encoding="UTF-8" ?><OWM2><Query command="list" type="class" id="12" ><Output
>> /></Query></OWM2>')'.
>> Can't remember what's the equivalent of
>> resultSet := statement executeQuery: 'OWM2_PARSE(/'<?xml version="1.0"
>> encoding="UTF-8" ?><OWM2><Query command="list" type="class" id="12" ><Output
>> /></Query></OWM2>/')'.
>> in smalltalk...
>> Very stupid question, I know :(
>> Bèrto
>> 2008/6/16 Keith Hodges <keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk>:
>> Bèrto ëd Sèra wrote:
>>>> A connection for statement is not a problem, since I can pack any number
>>>> of queries into a single XML statement it's not going to impact on
>>>> performance ;) I'll try this later this week and let you know if it works.
>>>> Thanks
>>>> Berto
>>>>  Try http://www.squeaksource.com/MySql for more recent version of the
>>> driver. You don't actually need a new connection for each query, but that is
>>> the way that I use it myself.
>>> There is also some code for using the driver in
>>> http://mc.lukas-renggli.ch/magritteaddons package Magritte-RDB
>>> Keith
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