[squeak-dev] JSqueak, the erstwhile Potato, is out!

Frank Lesser frank-lesser at lesser-software.com
Sat Jun 21 21:36:42 UTC 2008

Hi Dan,

This is great, just great. It is a great contribution to keep Smalltalk
alive - to make it more popular & to revive it.

What I would suggest - hope that someone takes it:

Make that title window "Squeak - a free Smalltalk".
Make a link or print how to use it - we know Smalltalk & Squeak but
Need to be posted to c.l.s. & also to the ruby ng.
What about to send a message about it to German CT magazine?


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You can find it here:


It's in exactly the state I left it in 2006, so it still needs color 
and warpBlt support to be finished, and files/sockets, as desired. 
That said it's nicely compact, and it performs usably.

The license is totally open MIT.  There's a mail list to sign up for 
potato-specific items (oops I mean JSqueak;-), though some of that 
discussion (and possibly all) might be relevant and better located 
here.  If so, use [JSqueak] in the subject so people can filter.

Have fun!

	- Dan

PS:  If you have been using an unofficial version of the sources, 
please now replace them with these and discard the old ones.  Thanks

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