[squeak-dev] [ANN] new release of Prolog

Stephen Pair stephen at pairhome.net
Mon Jun 23 17:24:11 UTC 2008

I've got nothing to offer right now but encouragement.  There are so many
problems that are much easier to express as constraints that we really
should have a simple framework for that available right out of the box so to
speak.  There have been several different implementations of constraint
systems over the years in Smalltalk, but they all seemed to have various
issues with them (neglect, lack of docs, not integrated with normal objects,
etc).  I think it would also be worthwhile to construct a small tutorial
that shows how to use it.  Maybe a scheduling example would be good (i.e.
employees that have constraints on when they are available to work).

- Stephen

On Fri, Jun 20, 2008 at 7:25 AM, Stéphane Rollandin <lecteur at zogotounga.net>

> hello list,
> the latest version of Prolog I just uploaded on SqueakMap features major
> changes (in my view improvements :) and is now seriously departing from the
> original Mike Teng code; it is backward compatible though.
> main points:
> * refactored the core code for clarity
> * fixed the semantics of or() and and() which are now exactly equivalent to
> the standard ; and , operators
> * defined three levels of database scoping: global, class-local and
> instance-local (global is still the default)
> * cached the mapping from prolog predicates (symbols) to their actual
> implementors (selectors) for faster evaluation
> * implemented an API for calling Prolog from Smalltalk directly, bypassing
> LParser/LCompiler. this is similar to the way LispKit interpreters handle
> code written in Array syntax and makes it possible to populate Prolog
> databases (which can now be class-local as stated above) with facts about
> live Smalltalk objects
> * enabled easy redirection of printed output (to Transcript or to an
> arbitrary WriteStream)
> * improved the GUI
> * added tests
> feedback, criticism, suggestions, etc. welcomed as usual
> Stef
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