[squeak-dev] Perl is to CPAN as Squeak is to (what)?

Claus Kick claus_kick at web.de
Sat Jun 28 12:27:20 UTC 2008

> > The absence of something like STORE/CPAN that is what is driving me 
> > towards CST.
> >
> > The existence of CPAN is keeping me with Perl ;)
> The existence of sake/packages to enable me to consistently build and 
> debug the building of the production image that I want is helping to 
> keep me sane! (after attempting to achieve what I needed with Universes 
> drove me mad for a couple of weeks)
> The last thing we need is yet another package management system, when we 
> have hardly started using the features of the existing ones.

I do not think there is need for another package management system, I just think that there should be an agreement on using and expanding _one_, incorporating what is best about all the others. I realize that means stepping on many, many toes and legs and probably even heads, but I think things need to be streamlined a bit.

If push comes to shove, I would even say, lets ditch them all and just use SVN like the rest of the planet (if that is possible). It is hard enough to sell a image-based language with a real IDE to the C-style crowd, the package  management systems should not add their grain of salt to the soup.
Claus Kick

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