[squeak-dev] Perl is to CPAN as Squeak is to (what)?

David Zmick dz0004455 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 29 13:04:50 UTC 2008

i havent read all of this yet, but the first thing that comes to my
mind is, why do we have so many different tools?  It seems like there
should be one way, Meaning squeakMap, or something else, to download
files.  I think keeping all of the methods to get local code in is
important though.

On 6/28/08, Claus Kick <claus_kick at web.de> wrote:
>> On 28-Jun-08, at 5:27 AM, Claus Kick wrote:
>> > If push comes to shove, I would even say, lets ditch them all and
>> > just use SVN like the rest of the planet (if that is possible). It
>> > is hard enough to sell a image-based language with a real IDE to the
>> > C-style crowd, the package  management systems should not add their
>> > grain of salt to the soup.
>> Been there, done that... <shudder/>
> Trying to get SVN to work or trying to sell Smalltalk to the C people, or
> both? :)
>> Monticello was created because this turned out not to be feasible in
>> practice.
> Could you please elucidate the main obstacles to this approach?
>>The simple fact is that Smalltalk *is* image based, and
>> that's a feature, not a bug. For those who can't accept that, there's
>> Ruby.
> I agree, in principle - though I would have liked slls to stay outside the
> image, that makes changing them externally much easier.
> Instead that meant, unloading, reloading and sometimes crossing your thumbs
> and hoping all would go well and not fry your image.
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