[squeak-dev] C++ parser in Smalltalk?

Frank Lesser frank-lesser at lesser-software.com
Mon Jun 30 14:01:03 UTC 2008

Hi Peter,


we did a MSIL to C++ backend in our LSW DotNet Reflection-Browser some years
back. It avoided the need of C++ parser because we decompiled MSIL..

Just curious what it is for ? we introduced Smalltalk deompiler backend just
to increase readability of .NET code for Smalltalkers. 





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 <mailto:peter at smalltalk.org> <peter at smalltalk.org> wrote:

C/C++ to Smalltalk translator anyone?

multiple inheritance, anyone? ;-)
Have fun,


Taking back the base technologies into the fold of Smalltalk Style Systems. 

Smalltalk and C were both designed with operating systems in mind. 

Unix had the prevailing popular OS design. 

Smalltalk Style Systems have the prevailing superior Messaging-Objects

Absorb and transform ALL C/C++ code into something new jettisoning the
current bases in C/C++ with transformations into Smalltalk Style Systems.

Be license aware and appropriate of course.

Just a thought.

Now to try some cool visualizations of large C++ ick. Shivers.



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