[squeak-dev] Monticello Version Numbers (minor update)

Benoit St-Jean bstjean at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 30 14:44:21 UTC 2008

My wishlist...
To somehow paraphrase Stéphane Ducasse:
"I want to load any package, from any repository into any Squeak image".
*** BUT *** 
1) I need to be warned when prerequisites are missing, I want to be warned of undeclared/missing classes/pools/methods/etc ;
2) I want a good integrated diff tool
3) I want a good merge tool
4) I want an integrated CVS
5) I want a one-click load
6) I want a one-click "publish"
7) I want a user-friendly searchable web interface to the public repository with good browsing capabilities to locate code/packages by category, class name, author, publish date, package name, etc.
8) I want one "tool suite" to do all that, not parts of it with Universes, other stuff with Squeakmap, the rest with Monticello, some with standard fileIn/FileOut, 10 formats of import/export...
In other words, I want simplicity of use to handle complexity of code.
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