[squeak-dev] [Question] How do I use the OmniBrowser?

David Röthlisberger squeak at webcitas.ch
Wed Oct 1 09:22:34 UTC 2008

>>> Even without that, though, I don't think there's a real issue here.
>>> If you're inside canvas code and want a breakpoint, use some other
>>> receiver - the comment in the #break method itself uses "nil break" as
>>> an example.
>> The original issue was that OB uses a flag icon to call attention to
>> senders of #halt and #break. In rendering methods, that's a false alarm.
>> It seems like #break is only used by the tools, so it would better to
>> change that than Seaside.
> Or just change the detection code to check if the receiver of #break
> is a variable or argument called html or renderer.

yes, I also wanted to go for that. In that case you confirm that almost all Seaside 
applications either use 'html' or 'renderer' as a name for the receiver of


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