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Serge Stinckwich Serge.Stinckwich at gmail.com
Wed Oct 1 09:32:01 UTC 2008

Andreas Raab a écrit :
> Adrian Lienhard wrote:
>> Pharo is based on Squeak 3.9, not 3.10.
>> We don't re-implement the kernel, at least not for now. The current 
>> focus is on cleaning up and removing stuff we are not interested in 
>> (like toys), and providing a stable basis for professional use.
> Can you say more about this? I had the impression that Pharo was mostly 
> a fork for the sake of Seaside (which is understandable given the 
> traction that Seaside has been getting). But is its goal more than that? 
> Does it include media-rich applications like eToys, Scratch, Sophie or 
> Qwaq Forums? I have been looking at the Pharo website but was mostly 
> disappointed with the collection of empty phrases ("better for the 
> better", "do not expect etoys to work") which promise everything but say 
> absolutely nothing. A more down-to-earth, plain approach might be 
> helpful if the goal is professional use. God knows that there is no 
> shortage of areas in Squeak that could use some professional attention: 
>  From database support, over enterprise integration, native graphics, 
> widgets up to m17n, namespace, modules, deployment, customization and 
> installation support. There are plenty of areas where some professional 
> attention could help. Is Pharo going to address any of these issues? 
> Seriously. You *can* be professional, by acting professionally. Take up 
> real issues that real products have in the real world.

In fact, the real action is mostly on the mailing-list :

Defining what is Pharo exactly is still a work in progress ;-)

Serge Stinckwich
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