[squeak-dev] squeak.org content (Was Re: Squeak website now runs on Aida/Scribo)

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Thu Oct 2 08:39:23 UTC 2008

Thanks Janko!

>Now, how about finding web-designer to make squeak face more beatiful?

Yes, but we should also look at the CONTENT. Currently from the screenshot 
section the first two screenshots gives the impression that Squeak is only 
useful to build Czech applications and playing old morphic games  ;)

When I visit a website I typically use the screenshot section to see how 
the program looks and what people are able to do with it. We also have videos 
these days, so a screencast/video section might pe appropriate.

Squeak is driving lots of applications, frameworks, research and cool things
these days. Here is a collection of screenshots/new content I would like to see
added to the web page:


It's a mix of all things Squeak. Anyone from the web team able to integrate some of this?

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