[squeak-dev] running headless on Mac OS X

Mark Volkmann mark at ociweb.com
Mon Oct 6 00:06:39 UTC 2008

I need to run Squeak in headless mode on Mac OS X. As far as I know,  
this is the way to do it.

1) Open a Terminal window.

2) Create a symbolic link by entering
     ln -s "$SQUEAK_VM_DIR/Squeak{version}.app/Contents/MacOS/Squeak  
VM Opt" squeak

3) Create a text file with a ".st" file extension and add a sequence  
of Smalltalk statements in it.

4) Enter the following:
     squeak -headless $SQUEAK_IMAGE {filename}.st

When I do this, I don't get any errors, but it just hangs. Here's what  
I have in the .st file I'm running ... pretty simple.

fs := FileStream newFileNamed: 'cmdline.txt'.
fs nextPutAll: 'line 1'; cr.
fs nextPutAll: 'line 2'.

Any idea why it doesn't exit? Maybe I need to do something more at the  
end of the .st file.

Maybe it's related to this. If I run "squeak $SQUEAK_IMAGE", it tries  
to start the Squeak UI, but I get an Information dialog that says  
"Squeak cannot locate the sources file named /Users.Mark/ 
SqueakV39.sources". I copied the .sources file to my home directory  
and ran it again. This time the UI came up, but it doesn't respond to  
mouse clicks.

Mark Volkmann

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