[squeak-dev] iphone vm goes to 1.06b1

John M McIntosh johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com
Fri Oct 10 03:39:39 UTC 2008

I've pushed out a new iPhone VM, and updated the SVN tree. I was  
unable to update squeaksource (it is down)



This VM (thanks to a suggestion from David Pennell, and later Bert  
Freudenberg) mmaps the image file into memory at a start location of  
and mmaps the trailing adjacent block of free young space as anonymous  
memory.  This is Apple's preferred fast way to read larger blocks of
data from a file.

Obviously I need to code up a desktop VM that mmaps the image at 100MB  
so that you save an image that has a start offset of 100mb to skip the  
object memory pointer swizzle step at later start time.
If you are using a macintel machine then byteswapping is not needed.

It also includes code to support activating acceleration data, and  
location data, currently that code is in the image, not on  
squeaksource yet.

I note the location data code is untested, it's raining here and I  
don't have good visibility inside to the sats in order for location  
services to kick out an event to test with.

Also I made some changes to how select() errors are handled (this is  
an outstanding apple bug), which might affect CPU usage when squeak is  
idle, so feedback on that is welcome. 

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