[squeak-dev] Re: OutputDebugString() or equivalent?

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Sat Oct 11 00:41:38 UTC 2008

Why not just use OutputDebugString?

Smalltalk>>outputDebugString: aString
   <apicall: void 'OutputDebugStringA' (char*) module: 'kernel32.dll'>

   - Andreas

Bill Schwab wrote:
> I am still struggling with a service that either will start and
> immediately stop, or will run but appears unable to listen on port 8080.
>  Usually with things like this, I simply litter code with some type of
> tracing (often OutputDebugString() calls on Windows), and try to bracket
> the problem.  This seems like a good candidate for it, because attaching
> a debugger to Squeak (particuarly for the case in which it won't stay
> running) sounds like a LOT more trouble than printing "got this far"
> messages until I know where it quits.
> -log: has not been much help.  Is there something similar to the change
> or error logs that might be appropriate to use?
> Bill
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