[squeak-dev] NSIS script to install and register Squeak on Vista and XP

Luis Valente valente at live.com
Sun Oct 12 21:53:02 UTC 2008

I customized a Squeak 3.9 version adding some projects and ideas suitable to early education and I want to deliver that. Before I used NSIS to build the installation file under XP. Currently, this instalation don't works in windows Vista but I found a way to solve this. Unfortunately the solution is using an installable file for XP and other file to vista. Is there any way to do this just in one file only in NSIS?
More. I got the EToys installer from Squeakland and ran it under both windows XP and Vista. It works well and registered the plug-in to use EToys on-line under web browser. How to add this feature to my own installation file so I can register the NPSqueak.dll plug-in? I've no experience on this matter and a little knowledge in NSIS scripting, so if any of you have a NSI script capable to do this or an example can send it to me?
Thanks in advance.


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