[squeak-dev] re: About classVariables

Craig Latta craig at netjam.org
Mon Oct 13 03:19:25 UTC 2008

Hi Stef--

 > To my stupefaction I discovered that the classVariables of a class are
 > not the same as the ones of its metaclass.
 > TheRoot classVarNames ~= TheRoot class classVarNames
 > Does any body have some ideas why this is like that? For me this is a
 > conceptual bug.

      Actually, metaclasses don't really have class variables at all. 
Class variables are defined by Class, which is a sibling of Metaclass, 
not a superclass. There's a method in Behavior which just answers a new 
empty Set for classVarNames; this is what you're invoking when you 
evaluate [TheRoot class classVarNames].

      I guess that's in there so that "explain" and "browse class var 
refs" behave as someone in the past wanted them to. Do you have a need 
which conflicts with this? Do you actually need to use TheRoot's class 
variables in code where (TheRoot class) is the receiver?


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