[squeak-dev] Re: About classVariables

Paolo Bonzini bonzini at gnu.org
Mon Oct 13 16:47:19 UTC 2008

>      I'd say that's a bug (as is Behavior>>classVarNames answering an
> empty Set),

Why? (#allClassVarNames is a different story).

> because the class variables for (TheRoot class) should be
> those defined by Metaclass, if we're going to be consistent (the
> behavior of the system would end up being the same, since the class pool
> for Metaclass is empty). I also notice that Metaclass>>classPool was
> added after Squeak 3.2.

Not really, class variables are explicitly defined to apply both on the
instance and on the class side.  So the class pool should be the same,
without any #theClass.


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