[squeak-dev] Windows VM suggestion

Bill Schwab BSchwab at anest.ufl.edu
Wed Oct 15 02:09:33 UTC 2008


OutputDebugString() is working wonderfully, except perhaps when running
as a service.  It is also possible that the VM is never really getting
an opportunity to run.  Hopefully I have the pieces I need to try
running it on a 2k box; the theory being that Windows gets goofier with
time, so maybe the 2k box will help me see something of diagnostic
value.  Searches turned up several instances of someone having problems
that appeared to be new after win2k, so it's worth a shot.

In looking through the VM source for a clue (none yet<g>), I noted the

void SetupWindows()

  /* create our update region */
  updateRgn = CreateRectRgn(0,0,1,1);

  /* No windows at all when running as NT service */
  if(fRunService && !fWindows95) return;


Would it be better to create the region _after_ the test and early
return?  The efficiency gain would be too small to mention, but
CreateRectRgn() might be seen as part of the GUI, which might be a
problem for services??

Dolphin uses a hierarchy of SessionManager classes, split by console
and GUI, etc., that control startup, shutdown, and event processing.  Is
there a similar concept in Squeak?  Aside from understanding how the
system works, I am trying to figure out where I would best add an
attempt at logging so that it should run.  If I knew how to ask the
question, I could probably answer it, but any suggestions that come to
mind would be appreciated.


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