[squeak-dev] Re: Windows service: Win2k to the rescue - slightly

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Wed Oct 15 07:16:28 UTC 2008

Bill Schwab wrote:
> Instead of the started/stopped business, it said that it could not start
> the service.  I had been wondering about that, but the messages from XP
> and 2k3 were more suggestive that Squeak/Pharo was deciding to quit due
> to inability to access files, the network, etc.  At least that is what a
> Dolphin server would do: discover it has no running socket/COM/etc.
> services and the bail out, unless overridden in the current session
> manager.  I'm still trying to get inside Squeak/Pharo's head in that
> regard.

It's really simple. There is *nothing* towards that end. The only thing 
that does anything is code that you write. No session manager, no 
console, no nothing. Don't assume there is anything because there ain't.

> Anything you have learned about tracing services on the various flavors
> of Windows could be helpful.  I am tempted to finish off the Apache
> configuration and test the Seaside app, but hopefully I will have enough
> sense to have a well-deserved beer and watch a movie or something.

The only thing I've learned is this: If you're running a service that 
you want to be available you don't run it on Windows. Ever. Go buy a box 
at Hetzner.de[*] for EUR49 a month, put Ubuntu 8.04 LTS on it and you're 
set for the next five years. This can be done in less than a day and you 
have a production-ready environment.

For development, run the same setup in a VMware image on your preferred 
choice of machine (windows is fine for that). Note that since VMplayer 
is free all you need to find is a suitable VMware image, which is right 
here: http://www.vmware.com/appliances/directory/1223.

[*] Anyone knowing of a service of similar quality in the US or Canada?

   - Andreas

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