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Kjell Godo squeaklist at gmail.com
Thu Oct 16 07:47:14 UTC 2008

So where do I start to study the VM?
i have heard about a VM simulator inside of Squeak.
But I don't know offhand where it is at in there.

What do you think about Exupery?
Could this eventually be used to output the VM?

It would be cool if everything you need to make a VM for a platform
were zipped into the VM maker for that platform including the right
gcc and everything.  The VM maker would unzip it all and install it.
Or download it for you and install it.  If you already had a C setup
you could cancel the new gcc install.

I am not a C programmer but I can read it somewhat.

On 10/16/08, Janko Mivšek <janko.mivsek at eranova.si> wrote:
> Hello Kjell,
> Documenting and improving Sockets are for sure something needed and it
> can help a lot us the web guys to improve Swazoo, Commanche etc to be
> more performant. So you are welcome and you can expect my help to your work.
> Janko
> Kjell Godo wrote:
>> I have noticed that Squeak seems to do Sockets by using Delays for x
>> milliseconds and then waking back up to do something again.
>> So I tried to make a minimal Croquet like Router doing it that way
>> using something that was already there as the pattern and it was kind
>> of convoluted because it was going round and round checking on things.
>>  So what I was doing was going round and round checking on things
>> also.
>> Wouldn't it be better to have network interrupts happen when new data
>> has arrived?  Or when all the data has been sent?  Like some kind of
>> callback?
>> Could I help with this documenting?  I don't know how i might do that.
>>  But the VM is of interest to me.  I would like to find out about how
>> it all works.  I tried to join the vm-dev mailing list but didn't get
>> any response yet.  I don't dislike documenting things like most people
>> seem to.  I would like to do it if i could somehow come to understand
>> what is going on in the VM.
>> On 10/15/08, John M McIntosh <johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com> wrote:
>>> Thank you for the feedback, there is some assumptions that people
>>> looking at the docs would understand what sqInt is.
>>> However in reflection I do need to go back and add more details about
>>> the parms being passed, especially when
>>> they are data coming directly from oops objects in object space.
>>> As for the explanation of each function, I'll see about adding  more
>>> words. I currently have another twenty api calls documented, but yet not
>>> placed on the wiki,  and there are a couple of more dozen yet to
>>> document.
>>> The other task is to document the VM callback routines, not sure when
>>> that will occur.
>>> Lastly I"m not sure what you mean by "Are interrupts supported?"
>>> On Oct 15, 2008, at 9:17 PM, Kjell Godo wrote:
>>>> What is sqInt? signed quad Int?
>>>> Could you put an explanation of what each function is supposed to do?
>>>> Are interrupts supported?
>>>> On 10/15/08, Ken Causey <ken at kencausey.com> wrote:
>>>>> Thank you, thank you, thank you, and Thank You!  This sort of stuff
>>>>> may
>>>>> not be of interest to everyone, but when you need it you really
>>>>> need it
>>>>> and it can be truly invaluable.  And I know compiling it and
>>>>> putting it
>>>>> into a readable form is not the most enjoyable task.  I really
>>>>> appreciate your making the effort.
>>>>> Thank you,
>>>>> Ken
>>>>> On Tue, 2008-10-14 at 20:19 -0700, John M McIntosh wrote:
>>>>>> As part of my work on the iPhone VM I've started updating the
>>>>>> isqueak.org site with documentation on the APIs that a VM maintainer
>>>>>> needs to supply when building a new VM,
>>>>>> A starting set of pages is found at:
>>>>>> http://isqueak.org/PlatformVMAPI
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