[squeak-dev] Re: Squeak 4

Markus Fritsche fritsche.markus at gmx.net
Fri Oct 17 19:21:44 UTC 2008

Craig Latta schrieb:

>> Or is there a another approach like creating the "UUID'd ancestor"
>> which will provide the unique base and which will be 'patched' (for
>> the very base kernel) with commonly agreed/shared UUIDs?

>      I'm not sure what you're saying there. :)

I'm concerned about the Smalltalk-immanent object/ system construction.
Java, as being derived by Smalltalk, circumvents the system construction
by being derived from Sun-deployed/ derived libraries (.jar).

Sun also did not allow System-modifications. Which is, nowadays, the
greatest pro and the con of Java. For one, you'll be busy by
implementing your own "Object" base for all your Objects, thus making
existing libraries not-customizable, otoh, you're keeping your object/
class graph nearly clean to base-system-additions.

Long story short: a squeak image is a ram image that runs objects which
have been created decades ago. What will be Naiads functions to overide/
choose those objects from a list of objects available "somewhere"?

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