[squeak-dev] People.squeakfoundation.org still useful?

Gerardo Richarte gera at corest.com
Mon Oct 20 10:05:17 UTC 2008

Ken Causey wrote:
> Community:  While Cees exaggerates a bit it is the case that only a
> handful of us are posting to people.squeakfoundation.org lately, and
> mostly me.  Are we, as a community, interested in maintaining this site?
SqueakNOS is using it too. It's the only place where we maintain
a precense (there's the wiki at wiki.squeak.org too, but it randomly
fails for me). We always post updates (when there are any), and
post articles (whenever we write them). During the last couple of
years we have not been active, but it's the only precense we have,
and it's where we went back to update with news after ESUG.

    If it's not going to be replaced by something similar with the
content automatically ported I really think we'll just loose everything
we wrote there... I'll try to make a backup, but that will make the
content available only to me, and that doesn't make much sence.

    Can we somehow have some usage stats on the site? not only
pageviews etc, but also how many new people subscribes and
updates his profile (with certifications and affiliations to projects)


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