[squeak-dev] Re: Test Server

Keith Hodges keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Oct 27 21:30:26 UTC 2008

Alexandre Bergel wrote:
> Hi!
> I've been told that Keith and maybe few others are working on a test
> server.
> In a 10 minutes seaside coding session I did a small application that
> displays a result of a SUnit test.
> Is there anything like this around?
> Cheers,
> Alexandre

Yes... 'SUnit improved' has a TestReporter, since Jan/Feb 2007.

It is designed to be invoked from the command line on any image, and to
work headless if desired.

It generates results to files, the idea being that the progress can be
observed remotely via ftp or http.

Failures and Errors are generated in a file form that can be viewed
remotely, but selected failures/errors can be run by doiting the line of
the output file.

There is one file which has a byte written per test so that you can see
progress remotely just by looking at the file size in a web /dir/ftp

There are also custom icons for apache to show pass/fail/errors etc
though I am not sure where I have put them.


Please please please, you pharo guys, actually look at SUnit improved,
before doing other things with SUnit, I put a lot of effort in to it,
over the past 2 years.

The latest suite defining and building architecture is really cool. It
uses less code than the old system and is better factored to achieve
more. For those of us that are interested in developing packages that
everyone can use, we need a coherant story accross the board so that we
can write tests and flag which images we expect them to work in. 'SUnit
improved' has this in TestCaseVersioned.

ClassClonerTestResource is another case in point, I wrote it so that we
can test the class side of DateAndTime, etc, but still the wheel gets
reinvented again and again.

A really useful addition which I have been planning for ages, but you
would be welcome to have a go at, would be excellent if SSpec specs
could be run in the same ui.



p.s. Bob the Builder update to follow

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