[squeak-dev] picking a Squeak VM on Mac OS X

Michael Haupt mhaupt at gmail.com
Thu Oct 30 07:55:31 UTC 2008


I have several Squeak VMs lying around in various locations on my Mac.
I want one (John's newest 3.8.19 VM) to be the default when an image
is double-clicked.

This works: open the information dialogue for a particular .image
file, set the VM to the right thing, close the dialogue.

This does NOT work: open the same information dialogue, set the VM,
make it apply to *all* .image files. (Symptom: as soon as I confirm
the change for all files, the setting is mysteriously switched back to
the previous, outdated one.)

It may be an OS X problem, I don't really know; perhaps someone here
has a solution...

(I don't want to delete the Squeak VMs all over the place; some of
them are Croquet VMs after all.)



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