[squeak-dev] A big word of thanks!

Frank Shearar frank.shearar at rnid.org.uk
Thu Jan 1 12:49:42 UTC 2009

THANK YOU to the clever, clever people who have worked on Squeak over these
many years!

I had an image hang on me last night, such that it rendered just fine, but
wouldn't accept user input. I thought I'd lost about 8 hours of work. It was
very late, so I left the image alone, in the hopes that it was just my
sleep-addled mind playing tricks.

In the morning, the image was still non-responsive, so I regretfully gave up
and shut it down without saving. And then I thought, hang on a minute,
what's the timestamp of the changes file? And I saw that it was just a few
minutes before my troubles started. So I restarted Squeak, opened a
FileList, and selected the changes file. I saw a "recent changes" button,
and clicked it. It asked me how far back I wanted to see the changes, and
there I could see back to the last time I'd saved the image. All I needed to
do was simply select all the "method:" items, and all the code I'd thought
lost was restored! (And then I neatly undid the very last change, so I
wouldn't repeat the story!)

So, thanks to the many people who've put thought and care into Squeak over
the years, I didn't lose those hours of work after all!


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