[squeak-dev] loading VM for the Mac

Javier Diaz-Reinoso javier_diaz_r at mac.com
Sun Jan 11 17:19:06 UTC 2009

On 11/01/2009, at 11:27, Trygve Reenskaug wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am expecting a visit from a Mac user and try to prepare for the  
> installation of Squeak on his machine. The task proves too hard for  
> my limited brain.
> I go to http://www.squeak.org/Download/
> First I try to download latest release for Mac. I get a Zip file  
> with two directories:
>     __MACOSX
> and
>    Squeak3.10.2-7179-basic
> A subdirectory of the first is a different Squeak3.10.2-7179-basic.  
> I find the other subdirectories utterly confusing.
> Is this supposed to be the simplest entry into Squeak for a Mac  
> user? Surely a README file would be useful here.
> The Download page also has links into the individual files. I now  
> have to choose between MacOSX (Universal) and MacOS 7.5.5 to 9.2. A  
> Mac user would know what to choose here. I hope the choice isn't the  
> latter, because MacOS 7.5.5 to 9.2 is a dead link. MacOSX  
> (Universal) lead to the above mentioned two subdirectories, but with  
> different contents?
> May be all this is perfectly clear to a Mac user. I'll find out when  
> my friend gets here.
> Cheers
> --Trygve
> -- 
> Trygve Reenskaug       mailto: trygver at ifi.uio.no
> Morgedalsvn. 5A         http://heim.ifi.uio.no/~trygver
> N-0378 Oslo               Tel: (+47) 22 49 57 27
> Norway

That is because you are expanding the .zip in Windows, the __MACOSX  
directory is an invisible directory created by the Mac OS for extra  
files used by the Finder.

The other directory is an .app, that is the VM is a "bundle", the  
trick is in the mac the finder shows the bundle as one file not as a  

So expand the .zip in a mac, don't bother with windows.

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