[squeak-dev] Mouse Move on a Touch Screen ??

Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at yahoo.com.ar
Mon Jan 12 00:25:20 UTC 2009

El 1/11/09 8:16 PM, "Jim Rosenberg" <jr at amanue.com> escribió:

> I'm still getting used to my first touch-screen device -- a Nokia N810
> (thank you Derek O'Connell!!) I have to say that I am still in a state of
> culture shock. After having spent more than 20 years doing various kinds of
> arcane things with mouseOvers, I suddenly find myself with a machine in
> which it seems not to be possible to move the mouse without the mouse being
> "down". Squeak (I'm using 3.8) doesn't seem to be adapted for this. I'm not
> finding any preference that will e.g. let me move the mouse with the arrow
> keys. Is there a way to do this?
> There seems to be a deep assumption in a lot of GUI design that when you
> put the mouse down, you intended to do this, but just moving the mouse you
> may not be intending to move it to where it is if the mouse button never
> went down. Maybe you're just "traveling" somewhere and haven't finished.
> Mouse down is a kind of "commitment", that mouse move is not. So, requiring
> the mouse to be down in order to move it breaks all kinds of deeply
> embedded GUI design decisions.
> What are people's thoughts on how to move the mouse on a touch screen
> without "touching down" somewhere?

I guess we need resurrect Genie, but is only a guess.


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