[squeak-dev] Avoiding compiler inlining

nicolas cellier ncellier at ifrance.com
Tue Jan 13 00:39:50 UTC 2009

Following cascading of macros, I need turning some inline off. A 
recurrent topic in Squeak-dev.

Well, once i thought about using a Compiler reflective annotation (i.e. 
a pragma) in order to turn optimization off.

Stupid me.
Inlined messages are made of block receiver/arguments.
So one would simply turn inlining off by sending a yourself message to a 

	[false] yourself whileTrue.
	false ifTrue: [self inspect] yourself.

Of course, yourself is not a very explicit message...
We could create another #turnOffInlining or something...

Except that in Squeak as other Smalltalks, the Old Compiler is quite 
pedantic about optimizing these messages.

[false] yourself  <- receiver of whileTrue must be a block or variable 

false ifTrue: [self inspect]  <- argument of ifTrue: must be a block or 
variable ->yourself.

Common! You don't like the system? Change It!
This is just 1 method attached.

Ah, and the ifNil test is just a trick for the cascades, remember?

Isn't life easier with Smalltalk compared to a static world?

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