[squeak-dev] Vista / CroquetSDK-1.0.18 / how to lose the world menu in 5 seconds or less

Cameron Sanders csanders.personal at functional-analyst.com
Tue Jan 13 02:01:15 UTC 2009

So I figured out what was causing the world menus to disappear in Croquet.
And this is different from the unresponsive 3.10.2 images on Vista. I know
this isn't the Croquet list, I am just adding some closure here on one of
the issues I raised in the newbies thread.

The problem is simple: several of the themes (appearance -> theme...)
available in the Croquet zip file cause the world menus to disappear. [I
will look into the details later tonight.] 

Specifically, on all three Vista computers here, the themes "keihanna",
"takanawa", and "westwood" cause the world menus to not be raised when
invoked by mouse clicks. [The menu raised by escape generally works, but did
fail in one case.] If you have pinned one of the world menus (or appearance
menus) to the background, or have a workspace open, you can simply select
one of the other themes to get the windows back; specifically:
"outOfTheBox", "personal", "paloAlto", and "smalltalk80" all restore the
world menus to the expected behavior.

This was hard for me to discover, because 1) I hadn't spend a lot of time in
Croquet until everybody informed me how alpha-ish Pharo and 3.10 are, and 2)
many times I wouldn't set the themes, and when I did, there was only a 3 out
of 6 chance I last-selected one of the bad ones (I never chose smalltalk80
because of the strong warnings about losing the flaps), and when I did, I
did not always immediately reach for a root menu - perhaps because I started
pinning menus up after they appeared to be flaky.

What a relief... just when I was about to give up on the Croquet release.
So, it seems that Croquet may work for me. I will put in some time and see
if I can find some pattern to the "Vista ignorance" (of mouse and keyboard
events) in 3.10.2. 


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